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One of Bruce's favourite analogue synthesizers is Yamaha's CS-30L. At first, it would appear to be an instrument suited to experimental music, like that produced by BBC's Radiophonic Workshop, however, it is actually a source of incredibly versatile and variable sounds and sonic manipulation. The filters used in Yamaha's CS series of monophonic synthesizers are characteristic of great synthesizer filters and, although not as celebrated as those found in Moog, ARP or Roland synthesizers, Yamaha CS synthesizers are to be found in studios the world over, regarded as pure-sounding, extremely reliable and, in some cases - like the Yamaha CS-30 & CS-30L - "studio secret weapons".

Bruce has composed and recorded complete pieces with his Yamaha CS-30L (- most notably "Future Macabre" which employs dissonant ring modulation settings giving it a horror movie quality) and has even used it as a complex guitar-synthesizer. 

To explain the complex nature of the Yamaha CS-30L, here are the notes for the settings used on the track, "Future Macabre", below:

And here is a brief excerpt of the track "Future Macabre":


As can be seen and heard above, the set-up relies heavily on the Ring Modulation settings (referred to in the manual as "MOD" settings by Yamaha) however, if we consider the simplicity of the actual piece recorded in musical terms, there is very little in the way of dissonance. Part of the tension on the recorded version of the song is, in part, due to the scaling of the tuning being slightly out of tune.

Here is an excerpt from the sheet music: